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Welcome to Computer & Internet Tips

March 26, 2009

Welcome to my newest Blog.


To show you neat tips & tricks about computer programs. We will also travel across the Internet discovering amazing websites that not only will enhance your computer skills; they will blow your mind…Each turn on this journey through the Web will evoke a “WOW”.

So, bookmark this site right now before you forget; as you view the pages in this NEW blog, please let me know what you think: Email me at: (prospector is the name and size of my canoe in case you’re wondering LOL)

Here are my Cyberspace homes:

You can visit my other blog that has been around for several years, with tons of archived pages of articles from “soup to nuts”, so to speak:

So, enjoy this new blog and don’t forget to tell me what you like, dislike; and most important, please send me any new websites you discover that made you say:


thanks and enjoy,

Columnist - Presenter - Reviewer

Columnist - Presenter - Reviewer