Spring Clean Your Computer

Spring Cleaning Your Computer


Come Get Going

Come Get Going

This article is a “must read” to give you an overview of your spring cleaning task. Don’t worry if you do not understand the technical terms, just try and read what the certain tasks you should perform and to give you an idea of what is going on when you start your cleaning. Here is the very informative website: http://www.sixwise.com/Newsletters/2009/March/18/How-to-Spring-Clean-Your-Computer.htm

Steps for Spring Cleaning Your Computer – Inside & Out

1. How to Remove the Dust and Cookie Crumbs

Pay the money and buy an can of air to do this job properly.

On April 1 we saw a live demonstration on how to clean the inside of your computer tower. Make sure you ground yourself first – just touch a metal part of the case from time to time to make sure you’re nice and grounded.Then simply unscrew the side panel to remove it. Spray canned air (Walmart for about $10) all around the contacts and the fans to blow out the dust. Also, after you put the side back on the tower spray the air can on the keyboard to remove anything that might be trapped between the keys. Next use an electronics safe cleaner to wipe down the keyboard, screen and cables. It is wise to spray the cleaner on a soft towel and take care not to press too hard.
website link: http://www.associatedcontent.com/article/1611561/spring_clean_your_computer.html?cat=15


RUN A FULL SPYWARE SCAN – delete all spyware and malware


How To Run Scan Disk in Windows XP

Step 1. Select My Computer on the Desk Top and Press Enter.

Step 2. Arrow to the C drive, but don’t press Enter.

Step 3. Press the Applications or Context menu and up arrow to Properties and press
Enter. This may also be accomplished by holding down the Alt key while pressing

Step 4. Shift Tab once, The heading will say General.

Step 5. Right arrow once to Tools.

Step 6. Tab once to Check Now and Press Enter. Note; Depending on your screen reader
it may not say exactly check now.

Step 7. Tab to the Check Box that says something like Automatically fix errors and press
the space bar to check it.

Step 8. Now shift tab back to start and press Enter. You will be told that scan disk can’t
run now and asked if you would like to schedule it for the next time the
computer reboots. Press Enter on Yes.

Step 9. Now Tab to Ok and press Enter.

Step 10. You are now finished, simply close out the window. Scan Disk will run the next
time the computer reboots. Allow a few extra minutes for the computer to boot
up the next time.
website: http://www.accessible-devices.com/runscandisk.html

4. Defrag Your Computer

The defrag tool does its best to reorder your hard drive.

Follow this to defrag: (Start > All Programs > Accessories > System Tools > Disk Defragmenter)

Update Your Operating System (Windows) Windows Update can also scan your system and present a list of updatable items.

Follow this to Update your computer:
(Start > Control Panel > Windows Update)

Any questions still bugging you, email me at prospector16@gmail.com greg


2 Responses to “Spring Clean Your Computer”

  1. Gerry Says:

    Another thing that those with computer repair experience can do to make it work better is to open the box….remove all cards and RAM…..clean the contacts with a rough paper like money but NEVER sandpaper.

    I also take the power supply cover of and blow that out every six months.

    Every little thing helps.

    Take care & keep up the good work Greg

  2. Gregory West Says:

    Thanks Gerry, great idea.

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